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Welcome to Sunshine Shows You How!

Date: October 23, 2013 Author: kateadmin Categories: Uncategorized

Here at Anglia Sunshine we want share our knowledge and expertise with our parents and friends to make childhood a little less stressful.

We’ll be posting a new ‘How-to Guideevery month for our family and friends to help with those tricky bits of childhood and parenting.

From bottle-feeding to bath-time and Potty-Training to Preparing for School, we’ll give you some simple tips, tricks and ideas so you can enjoy spending time with your child, no matter what activity you may be doing!

As we build up our guides, we’ll also compile a list of links to recipes, local facilities and websites so you have a go-to place for ideas for rainy days, tasty meals and advice on health.

We hope you find them useful!