Settle Sessions

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Settle Sessions

Settle Sessions at Anglia Sunshine Nurseries, SudburySettling your child into Nursery

Leaving a child at nursery can be a difficult time not only for the children but for parents as well. Some children settle straight into the new routine and environment, others take a little longer. This can be true regardless of the age of the child but luckily there are some simple steps that can be taken to aid the transition process.

Complimentary Sessions

We offer complimentary settling in sessions to suit the needs of the children and the parents; these are sessions where a child can come into nursery with their parents to become familiar with the environment and their future key person. These sessions are an important time for the key person to find out everything they need to know about your child. This is a time when the adults supporting the child can discuss the child`s routine, likes and previous experiences. For babies this information could be based around their sleeping patterns and feeding habits. For older children this may be a chance for then to tell the practitioners all about themselves. Any concerns the parents have about their child starting nursery can be addressed here and the key person can reassure the parents and prepare them for the child starting.

Wide Variety of Sessions

We like to provide a wide variety of settle session so that the child will experience the different parts of the day meaning that on their first day they have previously experienced all of the challenges they may face. These sessions would progress in time gradually so that the child will enjoy their time but not become overwhelmed. Leaving the children gradually also allows the parents to become accustomed to being away from them, this is a big change no matter how old the child is. Lots of us working within the nursery are parents so we understand how this feels and can support parents accordingly.

During these sessions we can interact with the child and begin to form a relationship with them, trying to copy the child’s home routine where possible in nursery will help with the settling process