Your First Day

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Your First Day

First Day Daisy Room

Things to remember on your child’s first day

We know from experience that a child’s first day at nursery can be just as hard on the parents/carers as the child. Although we have experienced the settling in process with many children, we fully understand that you may be unfamiliar with and unsure about the process. We have therefore put together this information sheet to help you and your child through those first few sessions and make things a little easier on you. 

Things to include in your child’s nursery bag

Below is a list of things that will ensure your child’s comfort at nursery:

  • Nappies
  • Wipes
  • Nappy Cream
  • Comforter/Soother
  • Spare Clothes
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather (hats/sun-cream or gloves/hats/scarfs/coat)
  • Bottles (if required)
  • Formula (if required)
  • Medication (if required)


Useful Information

The nursery telephone number is 01787 371797. Please feel free to call the nursery at any time. We will always be more than happy to talk to you about any worries you may have and give an update on how your child is doing.

All staff will be on hand to offer your family as much support and comfort as you require. Our aim is to settle your child in their own time and we will never rush a child’s transition into the nursery. We recognise that all children are unique and that some may need more support with this process than others.

We always aim to work around your child’s own daily routine as closely as possible. The ‘All About Me’ forms help us to do this so the more details you can provide us with the better. We also have a basic room routine which is mainly for staff consideration, a copy of which can be seen on the website.

A key person will be assigned to your child when they start. This will be the person who is responsible for inducting you into the nursery and for settling your child in. Our aim is to ensure that your child’s key person is someone who they bond well with and are able to form a positive and healthy attachment to.

All new children will be provided with a settling in diary and communication book to share with you what they have done on a day to day basis.