EyLog - Your child's learning journey

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EyLog – Your child’s learning journey

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In line with Ofsted standards and in keeping with the EYFS we are required to keep a record of each child’s learning and development during their time with us. In the past and in many other nurseries these are/have been done in handwritten form. At Anglia Sunshine Nurseries we have a digitally formatted way of recording the observations of all the outstanding developments that your child achieves with us.

When you have signed up you will receive an email each time the staff submit an observation containing a link, this then allows you to view your child’s learning journey and the observations recorded within. The EyLog system also makes it possible for you to contribute to the learning journey with observations from home, making the learning journey an even more comprehensive view of your child’s learning and development.

To share the learning journey with their is a secure system in place that is password protected. If you would like to sign up there is form available from the office or in your consent pack.

Here are some of the things parents have said about the EyLog learning journey…

“I feel the EyLog has been a valuable addition to the way the nursery runs, it allows myself, a parent who doesn’t get the chance to drop off or pick up, to keep up to date in real time with how my daughter is developing at nursery. It also allows me to share discussions with my daughter about what she has been doing and we love looking at the photos and videos together.”

“fantastic, quick and easy to use and a lovely way to see them interact with both the staff and their friends.”