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Painting Outside

Date: July 6, 2017 Author: kateadmin Categories: Make and Do, Toddler Tips

Painting Outside

Painting Outside is a great activity for a sunny day and so easy to organise.

Simply dress your little ones appropriately and give them a small beach bucket with some water in.

Show them how to use a big brush (decorating ones are great) to paint just about anything!

The path, the shed, the fence can all be painted with the water.

Watch their physical skills develop as they connect their actions with the movements they make and observe which hand they prefer to use.

There is no mess to clear up and although your child may be slightly soggy they will have practised their gross motor skills, been creative, had some fresh air and lots of fun.

Why not experiment with other tools? Use twigs and leaves to see what different marks can be made. Which does your child prefer?