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Making sandwiches

Date: July 6, 2017 Author: kateadmin Categories: Food Fun, Toddler Tips

Making SandwichesMaking Sandwiches

The humble sandwich is a very good place to start when introducing little ones to cooking. No special ingredients are needed and there is no heat involved!

Encourage your child to wash their hands before you start. Provide a couple of different fillings so that your child can choose – this will give them a real sense of independence.

If you are using butter make sure that it is nice and soft and easy to spread. Then you are all set!

Try not to worry if the butter is all in middle, or the filling is uneven.

Once the sandwich is constructed help your child cut it into squares, triangles or fingers according to their choice.

Introduce some mates by talking about the shapes they make and how they can be arranged on a plate. Or offer a selection of pastry cutters to choose from – large simple shapes are best.

Then all that is left to do is to eat it!

Making Sandwiches


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