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Leaf Rubbings

Date: March 27, 2018 Author: kateadmin Categories: Make and Do, Toddler Tips

Leaf Rubbings 

Now that Spring is on its way, why not take your little ones out to the park to explore the great outdoors. This extends their understanding of the natural world. Bring along a sheet of paper and wax crayons and  gather as many different types of leaves as you can. These can make fun Leaf Rubbings.

Place each leaf upside down under your paper, and rub over the paper with your crayon.

The patterns of your leaves will appear as if by magic! Different leaves will create different effects, and you can discuss the differences using comparative language such as bigger, smaller, thicker, finer. Why not try using different coloured crayons and bark rubbings against the bark of a tree?

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