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Get Creative

Date: February 12, 2018 Author: kateadmin Categories: Parent's Tips and Tricks, Toddler Tips

Get Creative

How can you encourage your children to develop creativity and get creative?

Anglia Sunshine Toddler Tips: Get Creative

Encourage their interests and play styles

Children make sense of the world by acting out familiar scenes around them. Encourage such play and whatever your child’s play style or interest, as it’s an important part of learning.

Let them explore the world around them.

Children explore with their senses. From 40-60months your child begins to experiment with materials to create different textures. They understands that different media can be combined to create new effects. Try offering interesting materials to explore, such as sand, water and crinkly paper. Adding scented flavouring into paint or playdough will extend their sensory play, or adding glitter or sand to paint will create different textures and affects. Make sure you give lots of praise and reassurance to encourage them to keep creating!

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