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Eating Out

Date: February 24, 2017 Author: kateadmin Categories: Parent's Tips and Tricks

Parents’ Tips and Tricks … Eating Out

These handy tips will help make sure that you are not relegated to the kitchen and you do enjoy your meals eating out with small children in tow.

1) Do your research and try to find family friendly restaurants.

2) Try eating in shifts – one parent can eat whilst the other entertains.

3) Avoid peak times.

4) Engage with your children. If they feel ignored they will soon do anything to grab your attention.

5)  Bring snacks -a small container of snacks can seem like a God’s send if you have to wait a long time for a table or food.

6)  Distractions work well – bring some simple toys.

7) Be prepared – Bring Baby Wipes and maybe your child’s sippy cup, fork, spoon, place mat and bib.