Sunflower Room - 2-3 years

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Sunflower Room – 2-3 years


Welcome to the Sunflower Room


The Main Room

sfplay The Sunflower Room offers a range of areas for children to explore in a relaxed, home from home environment. We boast a light spacious play room that is equipped with a wide range of toys and age appropriate equipment, ensuring your child will always find something they like to do. We also offersfplay2 a on a daily basis a range of creative and malleable activities. We love getting messy with art activities and exploring textures. We also love glitter!

The Garden

We have an enclosed secure garden which boasts an undercover area for all weather play. The garden consists of different areas for the children to explore; we have a play house, a train, sand pit, flower beds for planting or digging and a reading area for story time. There are many age appropriate ride on toys which the children love whizzing around the garden on. We have two garden times a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.


The Dining Area

We have a hard floor area with low level tables and chairs set out for the children to eat all their meals at. Independent feeding and good manners are encouraged sfdiningfor children at all ages. Mealtimes also provide the perfect opportunity to develop their personal hygiene skills in the form of hand washing. We encourage healthy eating habits and have all our meals home cooked on site by our own chef. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of diets, allergies and parental and cultural preferences.

The Sleep Room

The Sunflower room has a separate sleeping area that we can set out when needed in a darkened, quiet room. In this area we use low level floor mats and play relaxing, calming music to soothe them off to sleep. We are flexible on whensfsleep your child needs to sleep, following each individual child’s routine. Each child is provided with their own fresh clean sheets and we follow your guidance on how best to soothe your child to sleep. We encourage you to bring in any comforters that your child may need at sleep time.

Sunflower Nature Area