Holiday Club

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Holiday Club

Holiday Club

Outings to the park will be planned ahead, after gaining parental permission in writing.

Parents/Carers are requested to provide their child with a packed lunch. Drinks and snacks will be provided by the nursery. We promote healthy eating at the nursery therefore we ask parents/carers to provide a well balanced nutritious lunch for their child. Nursery staff are able to offer advice if required.

The Anglia Sunshine Nurseries Holiday Club is suitable for children aged 4 – 14yrs. It will operate during all school holidays and from close of school to 6pm. Dates of Holiday Club are available in advance.

The children have access to a large room which is organised into different areas in order for the children to have the freedom to choose what they would like to do. A separate outdoor play area is also available for the children to use.

We welcome children with special needs and disabilities, and undertake to consider all children on their individual circumstances in a positive and unbiased manner. Should your child have any special needs please discuss this prior to your child starting the care facility.

All staff are vetted and will meet the criteria set by OFSTED. All staff are made aware of our policies and procedures and they are implemented at all times.

All children will have their own key worker. There will be a maximum of 26 children per session. All children will be treated with equal concern and we will actively promote equality of opportunity and anti-discriminatory practice.

We work closely with parents/carers and welcome any comments you may have. Parents/carers are invited to share information regarding their child.

A behaviour management policy is in place. We will not tolerate bad behaviour or bad language. We will promote positive behaviour in a way that supports the welfare of the children.