Poppy Room - 3-5 years

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Poppy Room – 3-5 years


Welcome to the Poppy Room

At Anglia Sunshine Nurseries we have 2 Poppy Rooms, this is due to the vast number of preschool children that we have attending us! The rooms run to the same routine and although they may have different activities going on due to the different interests of the children in each room they both strive to provide the best care for your child before they start their school life.

Our Day………

We start our day off all together in one room, having breakfast and playing before registration. We then split into the 2 rooms at 9 am with the staff taking the Poppy Room 2 children through to the Kidzone room that has been specifically set up for them to use. The children then remain in their groups (sometimes joining for garden time or group activities such as multisports) till 2.30 where we join up again and have our afternoon session together.

Our Staff………

As you can imagine we have quite a few members of staff working in Poppies to ensure the best care for your child, you can read more about them on a different page but here is a overview of who works where and when…

                                        Poppy Room 1                                               Poppy Room 2
Monday                         Sharon and Sarah                                        Rachael and Steffi
Tuesday                         Sharon and Sarah                                        Rachael and Shelly
Wednesday                   Sam, Sarah, Emma and Martine              Shelly and Steffi
Thursday                       Sam, Sarah, and Emma                              Shelly and Steffi
Friday                             Sharon, Sarah, Emma and Martine         Shelly and Steffi
Sophie works in Poppy Room 2 on different days each week.